tiny apple tutorial

So, I ordered some mini wooden apples (1/2") recently from American Woodcrafters Supply Co. These will be used in my little Lumpkin hobo bags. In the past I've bought them already finished from the craft store and they were rather expensive. I opted to buy the unfinished apples from AWS and saved a whopping $2.55! Amazing. Well just imagine if you were making a million of these!
Then you could save... $25,000!

And when the time comes that you need to finish 1 million tiny apples you know where to turn for a tiny apple finishing tutorial that actually provides very, very little information at all.
{Feel free to send that check for 25K on over to Lumpkin... your welcome.}

the end


Devon said...

The first thing I said after seeing your tutorial was
"Oooh, how adorable!" Am I sick or what? What is it about tiny things anyway? And dude thank you so much for that -- now I will go make my own little tiny apples.... and teach the world my skilllzzz!

Beth Lemon said...

Well that was the cutest tutorial I've ever seen.

Corin said...

Oh my, how COMPLETELY adorable!!

Wee Waldorf said...
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Wee Waldorf said...

Good enough to eat!