I'm not usually a Saturday blogger so I'll make this brief.
Here are some shots from the week and my progress so far.

1. Knitting and dying with organic cotton...

2. Made a new paper doll friend...

3. Finally got a serger lesson at the dealer
and got some rolled hems done...

And I managed to do all that while this one was a clingy snotty little mess all week.

She actually chased me down with her little "sack" {sling} and gestured for me to wear her on several occasions. Now that's just pitiful- how could I say no? Especially considering it won't last much longer- I mean look at her she's huge!
But it sure is hard making dinner with a little monkey on your back.
Luckily we have Spak for days like that.

see you soon:)

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Devon said...

Quit bragging about your food possibilities! Ocean thought Cozy was lookin' good-- very snackable. She was sick all week? Poor baby. Are the serged things you did for the little sacks you make? They look great!