I was going to write about something else... I swear

Since my last post the dog fur has begun to inch up the walls here in LumpkinLand. Clearly I have not stopped Lumpkining just yet. Surely this weekend will be the time for that. {Yeah right, my family is like a tornado on weekends- I spend most Monday's in my PJ's clearing out the aftermath}. I really have no idea when the house will be clean again. And I hold out no hope, for now.

There is just too much excitement around this little factory here. My order from Spoonflower is shipped and will be here in a matter of days. Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!
Here's another little snippet from that order...

That will be used for a lovely little surprise I hope to reveal soon after my fabric arrives on my doorstep. ( I know, I know, my resident etiquette expert already informed me that the silverware is misplaced.
What can I say? Lumpkin's aren't fussy?)

Also on the front burner- I'm hoping to do some fabric dying this weekend for use in some updated Maezy dresses. Remember those?

Maezy Dress

The new version combines organic cotton knit with my batiked organic cotton. I'm planning on making them in micro batches of around 6 at a time. Hopefully I'll have more on that towards the end of next week {ahem, by year's end}

I really was going to write something different tonight. I was hoping to post a ridiculous tutorial about finishing tiny wooden apples. It's such a ridiculous tutorial, in fact, it almost a tutorial parody. And I wouldn't for the world want you to miss out on that {sarcasm}. So I'll post it on Monday.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this link to a video produced by the local PBS Network (WQED). It's a half hour all about my neighborhood here in the 'Burgh. Just in case you want to move here someday (you know who you are) or maybe you're just curious.

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