Luxe Lumpy Pod

I just listed three of these in the shop this weekend. I've been working on these little Lumpkin playsets for awhile. In 2008 they were in their own little tote with all of their accessories- they were a big hit. I sold out at craft shows before I ever had a chance to list them in the online shop. This past Christmas 2009 I debuted the pod style of the less "Luxe" version made of recycled cottons and wools and again they sold out immediately in one day! I sold this "Luxe" version in an unfinished form at last Summer's Crafty Bastards but they were missing the pod (I hadn't invented that yet) and they had no pillows either. So I finally finished them and here they are...

Hand-batiked Organic Cotton Lumpkin
Wool stuffing


Hand made mini quilt reverses to an embroidered place setting.
Pink/Burgundy pillow.
Recycled wool Pod dwelling.

Mind you, this is not the traditional habitat for Lumpkins (they usually live in hollowed out gourds) I think of this as more of a Lumpkin camp out.

It really is a wonderful little mini playset to keep in a child's pocket or a mama's bag in case an emergency play session is in order.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE these?

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Devon said...

Oh my god the little plate thing is so awesome! I can't wait until Ocean is old enough for that kind of stuff so I can play too....