Woo Pittsburgh!

What a great game! I don't really follow football. But, once a year I can sure get caught up in the hype. Especially when it's Steeler hype and they push the win to the last 35 seconds! UncleDad (that's his new blog name since he wishes to be nameless) (you like that pal!?) was back in the 'Burgh just in time to watch the game and he called right after they won and held the phone out the window so I could hear the people on Penn Ave. pouring into the street cheering and honking.

Meanwhile, I'm here in Lumpkin Land doing my bi-monthly stint as the single mom extraordinaire. Last night while soaking in the hype, I managed to cast on sweater #4 of 2009 with my last precious stash of knittydirtygirl yarn. I'm trying to make a bigger size sweater for this one. Maybe a size 5-7. Though I never really know until it's finished.

In related a Pittsburgh news update...
I've officially sent off two applications to the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh including one for a certain Kindergardener (unbelievable).
We'll pay them a visit over Spring Break and see what the kids think.
And then I guess we'll just go from there.
If we were there now the kids would have had a two hour delay this morning.
You know, Steeler Nation and all. I kid you not.
(Another point to PGH)

Psst! Another shop update Wednesdayish...

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cosymakes said...

ha! my husband was sad that duquesne didn't get a morning delay.