Lumped Out

I have been taking pictures and editing for the past two days and I finally accomplished a proper shop update today! I have so much stuff in my Lumpkin boxes that I just never list because it is soooo time consuming. It goes without saying that my children are beyond neglected right now, so no computer tomorrow!
Here's a sampling of the new things...

Lumpkin Recycled Notebook, $9.00
Wool Knit Lumpkin Tote, $22.00

I though they would make sweet little Valentine gifts for a little one.
Hey, it doesn't always have to be pink and red, right? Either way, you should really click over to the shop to see C3 in her first (sitting up) modeling gig in the lovely new TULIP bamboo sweater.
Have a great weekend everyone!


sarasophia said...

I am aghast at the loveliness of your shop and tiny model "C3" showing off your wares:)

I NEED the tiny coal free style knit vest for MYSELF.

And Valentines Day was never meant to be only pink and red....love is shade of a rainbow (disgustingly sentimental I know, but that is moi':P)


avagdro said...

Thank you Sarah, a cute tiny beautiful world of gift cards n bag.Wish you n all people around the globe a Joyful Valentine's Day beforehand.

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Julie said...

She's a natural! I love the yarn you've used on that one.