A Little Randomness

I was tagged a whiiiile ago by this lady and more recently by this lady and by a bunch of people on facebook. So here are 8 random things about me that I'll share with you. Since I fear I've worn out my tagging welcome with most of my blog buddies, I'll just leave it open.
If you want to play along, please do.

#1. I always start projects in the middle. And I usually have no exit strategy if it blows up in my face.

#2. I dream of one day entering a quilt into quilt exhibition. (And have it accepted.) I already have my designs in mind, I'm just not brave enough to start yet.

#3. My three daughters middle names (Mary, Celeste, Nancy) are after their great/grandmothers who died soon before each one was born. Sometimes I imagine my daughters are the reincarnated souls of those women. Especially when I get frustrated with them. You can't really be too harsh with Grammy Cook-Cook, now can you?

#4. I avoided coffee for years because I feared becoming hooked. It's the same reason I never tried a cigarette. I was right about getting hooked. Oh so right.

#5. The self-reflection required to think up random things about myself makes me queezy.

#6. I have 7 dead houseplants "living" in my house right now. I have a black thumb over the winter months.

#7. I used to be on the swim team in high school and sometimes I think I'd like to join an adult team.

#8. One of my first purchases on Etsy was this clutch. Look familiar? After I had bought the original, Flamestitch recreated it for use in the Pretty Little Patchwork book. I didn't realize it, and when I saw the book I thought, wait a minute that's my bag. And when I looked at mine it was slightly different. So I sort of have a famous bag. I've always kept it on a shelf in my dining room because it's so cute. It makes me feel like I have good taste. Ha. I guess lots of people will have them now that the pattern is published :)

Right now I'm working on packaging up the buttons I made last week and as soon as I do, they'll be in the shop along with this...
and this...
and maybe some more.

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Flamestitch said...

I just saw your post, and I wanted to say thanks for putting your bag, with its story in your blog. Your patchwork clutch is the one I have photos of on Flickr, and it was your bag that the editor from Lark saw and wanted. It makes me really happy that you love it so much.