Slime and Sun

Let's start out with a little something distasteful and grim for this Friday the 13th shall we?
Last night the baby got some sort of belly bug and she threw up all the contents of her belly (and then some). That really was so sad to see. I wanted to sleep with the light on just to watch her and make sure she was OK- that idea was vetoed. She wouldn't nurse she just sort of retched every 5 minutes and then passed out. Finally a few hours after her final hurl she woke me to let me know she was ready to refill the belly and so far she's been fine ever since. I just have this awful fear that we will all be stricken now. When M1 was almost a year old she got some sort of bug and did the same thing for a night and then a couple of days later I was in class at the time and I had to leave early because I felt so nauseated. I picked up M1 from her Nanny Nan's and rushed home to find that her daddy was home from work early too and we both were so sick that we had to call my parents to come get M1. I have a very vivid memory of my parents calling to check on us and we were both laying in a heap of filth and trying desperately to crawl (really crawling) out to reach the phone but we missed it. I have never felt as weak as that moment when I was stricken with the M1 plague as we call it. A couple hours later that night both sets of grandparents were all raging with the plague too. It was so horrible- always of reminds me of this classic tale. That was more than 8 years ago and every time one of the kids starts getting sick I'm still convinced it's the return of the plague! Well, how's that for a spooky tale of bile and retchedness?

Moving on...
Before the sad events of last night, we had a pretty nice week. We got a little preview Spring around here and it was very welcome. I actually got to take the little ones out without a jackets for some fresh air two days ago. C3 loved playing in her pen for a couple of hours. Babies find traffic noises to be calming I think. And M2 got to burn through some of her endless energy thrashing around in the sunshine...

As for the biggest Lumpkin, she made me very proud using my sewing machine for the first time ever. She's usually very reluctant and somewhat scared to try anything new especially if there is even a minuscule chance that she might hurt herself in any way. I knew she'd do fine. And her first project? Little surprise valentine pouches. We came up with the idea after a friend of ours brought these cute little felt pouches full of favors to her birthday party. We opted to use paper because it comes in lots of cool valentine patterns and it will be easier to tear open. I sewed up the sides will she was at school and when she came home she stuffed the them with stickers, tiny Nerd boxes (our favorite), and some tiny paper heart confetti. I explained how everything worked and she had took some practice runs on some scrap paper and then she took over and sealed each little pouch on the sewing machine all by herself. (proud much?)

Tomorrow we head out to Pittsburgh for "Mid-winter break" (it's some sort of Waldorf invention I think, and I love it). I'm not taking my sewing machine in an effort to pay some good ole' fashion attention to my own little pack of Lumpkins. Not that they need it or anything. I'm going to try out the vacation mode on Etsy for the first time. I'm also very confident that a weeks vacation will be enough to inspire me to list the rest of the items I've been stalling on for so long when I return.
On tap for next week
(and the reason why I'll likely gain 30 lb and develop a soy allergy if we move to Pgh):
vegan pizza
vegan ice cream
vegan blt
followed by
vegan belly ache
(see above)

I'm going to do a little Valentine post tomorrow if I get a chance.
See you then!


LemonCadet said...

You must check out the veg. brunch at Zenith on the South Side. 10$ and all the cake you can eat. Amazing.

Also, if you're not vegan, try the pierogidillas at Quiet Storm. They're really good.

Victoria said...

Hope you all stay healthy and have a great little vacation!

I remember when my girls were little, i lived in fear too of those dreaded viruses. It is a horrible feeling to not only have your kiddies sick, but to also be so sick that you can't see straight let alone feed or bath or play with them. Such a horrible helpless feeling, compounded and made worse with multiple hurling episodes! I do not miss those days at all!

The Tiny Homestead said...

I'm with LemonCadet on the pierogidillas. Yum, it's been a while!