Ok, it's Wednesday and I'm due for a shop update. I've imposed this work schedule on myself to insure that I at least get the basic needs of this little business met throughout the week. So from now on it goes like this:

Mon.....ship orders
Wed.....shop update
Fri........ship orders
Sat....\ off
Sun.../ line

Don't worry there won't be a test.
Technically yesterday was a blog day but we'll make up for it today.

So, Handmade Arcade was swell. Really really swell. I have never had so many people see my wares at one time. Thousands of people! And everyone stopped to looks at everything and had great comments even the people with no kids. My display was a huge hit. I'm so glad I took the extra hours away from sleeping to get it done in time. It was a beaut. The music was great, the people watching was even better, and the vegan cinnamon rolls were the BEST! It was really helpful to be able to hear what things people thought about everything I make. Some things people wanted patterns for making themselves, some things they wanted in bigger sizes, sometimes the just wanted more variety of colors. I can't wait for next year and I can't wait to apply to some more big shows in the Spring.

Here are some pictures of the event...
(check out the lighted sign!)
(my helpers for both days)

I also got to meet some other makers. Finally met the Lemons over at Lemon Cadet and got to talk baby shop with Beth. I also got to meet Sarah of 'Charlie and Sarah' she's a fun little chatterbox. She kept calling M2 'the model' from the seamonster collar picture and acted all starstruck, which made M2 giggle a bit. And we met Cosy of Cosy Knits Literally. And Jessica from Cityspun (who I'm ashamed to say lives in Lancaster and we've never met!)
I did some trading and some purchasing and ended up with a nice pile of goodies.
yarn from CitySpun and Cosy Spins, a recycled baby dress from Sweet Pepita and a Bean Romper from Lemon Cadet.

The whole trip to Pittsburgh was wonderful (besides the late night drive home). I can't wait until next year!
Look out for Thursdays post when I reveal more secrets about Lumpkins and the approaching Holidays!

See you then;)

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sophstar's mama said...

That looks like so much fun! Your display looks awesome too. Wish I could go :( (too bad I live in Alaska)... we do have something kind of like that here, Public Market, but it's not nearly that big or fancy!