This weekend is the Handmade Arcade so get excited everyone! This is my first year doing it (I missed out last year from all my complications with C3) So I can't wait for this weekend. I have seen pictures of the event so I'm pretty sure it's great. I'm looking forward to maybe trading with some people for some Christmas presents. I'm also especially excited to meet some other arts 'n crafters. So if you're in the 'Burgh this weekend please stop by the Arcade and...

mention you read about it in my blog for a %10 off your TOTAL purchase!

***NOTE the New Location***
parking should NOT be a problem (did that sound convincing?)



LemonCadet said...

I can't wait to buy up all your stuff!!! I hope our booths are close to each other. Woo hoo.

This show was amazing last year and it has to be better just because of the location alone.

I am looking forward to meeting the lumpkins. Yay.

Pitterbull said...

I'll be there. Any I'll mention the blog. Yes!

Cheilita said...

how was it? i heard you met my friend Jess! maybe I'll join you all next year. She said it was great!

Sarah said...

It WAS great! You should surely sign up for next year. Lancaster take over!