Think Local First Week

December 3-9 2008
mark your calenders and do all of your
Holiday shopping in Downtown Lancaster during
Think Local First Week.

Buttons will be on sale soon at all of the participating businesses that will allow you to receive special discounts during Think Local First Week. I'm so excited to announce that my Lumpy has been adopted as the mascot for this SSBN Campaign! I just finished designing all of the promotional materials for them today. And stores will start selling buttons as soon as next week! I'm so grateful to my good friend Karen for suggesting my Lumpkins for this campaign. Here is some information from the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network:

5 great reasons to shop locally:

1. Keep money in the neighborhood
Locally owned businesses recirculate more money back into the
local community than chain stores, per square foot occupied.
A space filled with a local business rather than a chain puts more
dollars back into YOUR neighborhood.

2. Get better service.
In a local business, you know the person behind the counter,
and they know you. They have a deep understanding of the products
they are selling, and they take time to serve their customers.

3. Create and keep good jobs.
Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally,
and small businesses account for the vast majority of job growth.
Locally owned businesses are far less likely to pull up stakes and move operations to another city or country, taking their jobs with them.

4. Help out the environment.
Locally owned businesses can make more local purchases,
requiring less transportation, and they generally set up shop in
commercial corridors rather than developing on the fringe.
This means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

5. Put your taxes to good use.
Local businesses in neighborhoods need comparatively less
infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public
services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the

There is even more fun Lumpkin news ahead so stay tuned...
Lumpkin Hunt anyone?

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