Chet and Edgar Need a Home

Chet helping out

My little loves need a new home (baby not included). Lorenz is allergic and this means the cats have been spending far too much time in the basement. They are the most loving and sweet boys I've ever come across and they really don't deserve to be cellar dwellers.
A little bit about the boys:

They are almost 3. We got them at the humane league at a point when we were feeling lonely a couple of years ago. Kurt and Lorenz's mom(Nanny Nan) was staying with us for about a month toward the end of her life so we could help care for her while her caretaker went to get some more training in the Gerson Method. It was the first time I had another adult staying with me since Kurt's death. And even though many of our conversations had to do with her approaching death it was nice having her there every morning when we woke up and tucking her in at night Keeping up with her daily regime of food and juices made us feel productive and powerful as though we were outsmarting the cancer eventhough in reality we were powerless. After Nanny Nan moved home to live out her last few weeks we were lonely again and pretty sad so we decided to go and get one nice old female cat to keep us company. However as often happens when we visit the humane league...we brought home the opposite... two brother kittens.
They were only 4 months old.

Chet. The sweet and clueless one. He's an orange tabby with white spotting. He is the most loving little fellow. He will snuggle up on your lap and literally knock you out with his kisses (seriously, he's a headbutter). Sure he seems a little dopey when you look him in the eyes, but that just because he's got a one track mind for ~LOVE~

Edgar. The strong silent one. He's the mostly orange tabby. Not many things can make you feel more special than a visit from Edgar. He's much more reserved with his emotions than his brother and so when he comes to sit on your lap or nuzzle your ear it makes you feel truly loved. That, and he has such a snobby little face, when he gives you attention you can't help but feel like your finally part of the in-crowd.
(I could always find work writing cat personals?)

Edgar was the one who chose us. We were looking in the kitten room (just for kicks, I swear) and little bitty Edgar kept smacking Mabby in the head as she walked past. Then he would wrestle around with Chet in the little cage they shared. Finally after the fourth time of getting cat-slapped in the head, Mabby said "I think this one is choosing ME?" So we brought Chet and Edgar home. Honestly, I have said it many times in the past couple years, but adopting them was one of the best decisions I've made (granted, it's one of the only decisions I've made). But truly, no regrets whatsoever.

Then Lorenz came along.
Unfortunatley, Lorenz is allergic to cats and try as I may there is no denying that life for him is miserable with them around. And there is NO living with a miserable man.

So I need to find our boys a new home. One that will take them both and will love them like we have. They aren't picky fellows. They'll eat pretty much any type of food. They are used to Swheat Scoop litter, but they'll use grandma's brand if they're in a pinch (or any brand really). They are both neutered and they have been chipped. I don't really keep up with their shots, because frankly, I'm not too keen on shots period.

I shot this little clip of them a couple days ago. They're the best. Come on people! These are the best cats and even though the girls and I hate to see them go, they really do need a new home. All of my friends and family are either allergic or have too many cats as it is. Accept YOU! YOU need a couple new furry friends don't you? Well, then just let me know! Please...

UPDATE: the boys settled into their new home just yesterday afternoon
and it looks like they are doing just fine! Thanks


sophstar's mama said...

Awwww, I would love to have your two kitties! Only problem is I live in Alaska and come December I'll be living in Colorado...
Good luck on the search though!

Cheilita said...

oh dear. sounds exactly like the two personalities of our two cats that we said goodbye to this year. how would they do with a dog though?

Jessica said...

I am so glad that Cheila could adopt these cats....and the video of them is to die for!

Victoria said...

How lovely your little guys found a new loving home. I am allergic to cats, too, but I must say Chet and Edgar really tug at my heartstrings!

Debra said...

Awww that is the cutest video! I love cats!