I saw this lady doing it a couple weeks ago and it inspired me to take inventory of my own wares now that this weekend is my second show since the baby was born. It's an event at the YWCA called Women 2 Women. It seems like a nice event to attend even if you're not a vendor. There will be tons of wellness activities in addition to the food and marketplace. From their website:

The YWCA Woman to Woman event showcases women-owned businesses in Lancaster County that promote wellness and empowerment. More than 300 women from all walks of life attend Woman to Woman to sample offerings through workshops and personal services. A marketplace featuring local women artisans and food from local restaurants provides a place for participants to connect with other women throughout the day.

It should be a pretty fun event and I'm excited to get a chance to practice my new set up for the following weekend in Pittsburgh at the Handmade Arcade.

So here goes with the inventory so far:

12 hand spun pod sweaters
2 NEW Pod Skirts
7 organic cotton newborn caps
10 merino balaclavas in various forms
10 merino child-sized sea monster collars
8 organic cotton/bamboo batiked plush Lumpkins
6 cotton/wool Scrappy Lumpkin playsets
and a bunch of older things.
There are about 600 things that I'd like to get finished by next weekend, but I'm trying to remain realistic about what I can still make at this point in the game, so I'm not too crazy and disappointed.

I still have to do some tagging and pricing and a couple display/lighting issues to finalize at least in time for the Arcade. I'm really excited about it! Next week at this time I'll be packing for the 'burgh and I'll probably be freaking out. But for now I'm still working my chilly little fingers to the bone. Little Lumpkins everywhere (meanwhile the house has gone to pot)

Everyone come out to W2W this Sunday at the YWCA!

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