Autumn excitement

Well, it's that time of the year when we all get to relax around here. Sort of. There isn't enough day light left to be working outside so we're much more likely to stay cozy in the house at night now- and it's much easier to allow ourselves to go to bed early. Pretty soon bed will be the only warm place in the house (mama don't turn on the heat til January).

It's the second day of October, and that means I'm still feeling optimistic about what Lumpkin merchandise I'll be capable of producing in time for the Holiday shows and events. Some time in the next couple of weeks I'll start paring down the expectations and then next month at this time I'll be trying to come to terms with what I was REALLY capable of making. For now though, I'll remain blissfully delusional about the mass of wonders I have floating around in my crafty brain.
Here's a picture of some of the stock so far.
Right in the middle you can see the newest Lumpy. They are batiked and embroidered organic cotton stuffed with bamboo. I really enjoyed making them because they are all different and I love all the separate processes involved- sort of the same way I feel about the sweaters . Here they are before I stitched them all together.
I machine stitched them, but I think next batch I'll probably hand sew them. In hindsight it was the more obvious choice since there is already so much hand work to making them. I'll make another batch soon- maybe purple, ooh fun.
In family news, we're all sick with a cold this week. When we're she's not sneezing(and sometimes when she is) the big girls are really enjoying the baby girl lately. She's so much more alert now. A few months will do that.

One more thing, the Lancaster Yarn Shop is opening tomorrow WOOHOO! I'm soooo overly excited about this shop. I only live about 6 blocks away and it will be stocking my favorite local yarn by Rachel-Marie (ok, should I call this the KDG tribute blog soon? It's getting ridiculous isn't it?) It will be so nice to have a place that I can ride my bike to and hang out with other yarn obcessed people. Unfortunately, I suspect my bank account will not be happy about this new prospect. That's ok, we'll work it out. Go to the LYS opening on First Friday tomorrow. it's on Gallery Row at 136 N Prince Street and get yourself one of these. The weather should be perfect! Downtown Lancaster is becoming such a great place. Speaking of downtown, I have some exciting news of my own to reveal soon, but not yet. Here's a hint.

Oh yeah, and I've been blog-tagged for the first time EVER! How nice. I'm still working on my response. Hm, six quirky yet boring things about me? I'm pretty sure I can think of a few. But that's for next time.
Have a super weekend!


mandi said...

i've wandered over your way from another blog and i love it here! your work is amazing! that quilt is breathtaking...really. it feels just right. if you don't mind, i think i'll pop by often!

leah said...

january! i thought we were toughing it by waiting until the end of november.