New Knits

I finally got some more sweaters finished up for last weekends Art Harvest in Pittsburgh. That is such a fun event, the people are so nice and the music is lovely (mostly). I still have a few more sweaters to finish in the next couple days. Most of them are made with my favorite yarns from Rachel-Marie. I also made my first sweater with my own hand spun Bamboo. I pretty much love the way it turned out.

I spent an entire day last week crafting matching buttons for all of my little knits.
Don't they look so sweet all together? Art Harvest was really fun and I got lots of great feedback especially on the sweaters. Unfortunately my skill with the credit card imprinter was lacking and I was flustered trying to hold the baby and take care of customers at the same time. Oh well, some people managed to get some freebies since I didn't write down all of the info I needed for the transaction. That's cool it all goes to some happy kiddo anyway- can't be annoyed with that, just with myself a little bit. Regardless- I'll never make that mistake again, right? Oh, how I despise the business end of all this. Otherwise we're doing well around here.
I love the Fall best of all.


Cheilita said...

um. yeah. totally LOVE that bamboo sweater. so great!

leah said...

totally awesome. it's great to see your new stuff. i just love your designs.
if you are interested...i have tagged you. check my blog to play along!