Palin Pandemonium

Ever since the Olympics ended my obsession with watching competition has switched over to the Presidential race. My face is constantly plastered on CNN watching for the newest interpretation of what one of the candidates have said on that particular day. I'm a slave to the hype. I realized how much so when, as I watched, memorized by Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC, I started to be swayed to the dark side. (zombie drone) mmmm pretty lady...mmmm hackey mam.....mmmm genius.
Snap out of it! At first I thought McCain was a genius picking this woman. And then I reconsidered- No, my Hillary Dems aren't so gullible are they? Oh, but now I realize I was right the first time. McCain is a genius, an evil genius. He cooked up this pretty puppet lady in his secret lab and he is right now, as we speak, teaching her to say brand new phrases to unleash on the American people. Mwahahaha!

In an effort to keep this political dream team from world domination in my own small way, I created this bumper magnet last night:

My car will be wearing one.
Let me know if your car wants one too, and maybe I'll send one your way.


D-ra said...

Yes! I do want one of those. Too clever.

Cheilita said...

HA! You ARE clever. I want one too.

k8eknits said...

Oh, my goodness!

That's hilarious!!

She really is scary. She just sucks you in. I think her glasses are made to reflect light in such a way that they hypnotize you.

Plus all her drama just makes you wanna watch her.

I'd rather go hunting with Cheney, though. I'd feel safer.