Well we named the baby. Here's the announcement I finally got to make this morning. She'll be 8 weeks old on Friday and she finally has a name! For the purposes of this blog she will henceforth be called C3 with her sisters M1(Mab,8) and M2(Mae,4). It sure feels good to be able to call her by name although I have to admit it's hard to get used to not just calling her baby. Soon enough she'll just be Cozy to us. We are still in Pittsburgh for couple more weeks so the shop is still closed for now, but feel free to window shop until September! The holidays are coming up fast and i'm working on lots of new items this year. I have to figure out a way to travel with my inventory or maybe just have two inventories. Stuff I make in Lancaster and stuff I make in the PBG. Or better yet, maybe just pick a city permanently, that's an idea!

We have been obsessed with Phelpsvision-
I mean the Olympics. oops. I love the hype! Swimming is so fun to watch. At least for me it is. I can practically smell the chlorine. In related news, I'm about 20% finished with my Ravelympics project.
I'm freestyle knitting another kiddie vest in the Freestyle Free For All event. I am only really knitting while I watch TV at night- and that's usually Olympic coverage lately so it's very fitting. I'm using a commercial yarn instead of my usual KDG variety since I was out of Lanc when I discovered the Ravelympics so I wasn't prepared. It's pretty yarn, but I have to say that I miss the lumpy bumpy texture of the handspun. It really is my fave.
My parents visited this weekend and we took them to the Zoo and Phipps and we took a scenic drive up Mt. Washington. It was a nice couple of days. M1 went to Outdoor Discovery camp here last week, which I highly recommend for parents looking for a nice simple educational nature day camp for youngsters. It was her first camp experience and she loved it. Her favorite part? Digging up leaches in the pond...gross me out.

I probably won't get a chance to post again until I get back to Lancaster, unless something amazingly exciting happens. So, until then, have a great time winding down your summer. I hope you end it on a high note. That's what I'll be working on too.

(M2 overlooking the gritty city)


Victoria said...

Your little baby Cozy is so adorable, as is her name!
She is a lucky little girl to have been born into such a lovely little family! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!

Cheilita said...

OOh Cozy is perfect!

woodmouse said...

I love the name!