CAM- City Arts Market Saturday

If you're in Lancaster this weekend you should stop by the Eastern Market for it's opening weekend. This year they are calling it the City Arts Market (CAM) It's everything you love about Eastern Market(food, organic produce, flowers, music) and 50+ vendors(including me) and performers. It's fixin' to be a good time I think, maybe not for the full term pregnant ladies among us, but we'll survive.That's right! Officially full term on Saturday.
That's unbelievable especially considering the amount of scares this baby has given us. I feel pretty good, I'm still up and about doing work and stuff around the house, but my hips are killing me and the pressure on my pelvis is worse than I remember with either of my other pregnancies. We are all really curious to see who has been in there all these many months. M1 wants a sister (she's practical and worries that we'll have to get all new baby stuff) and M2 wants a brother (she thinks that we need more boys in the family so Lorenz isn't completely outnumbered). I'm happy either way. I have always felt like I'd have a boy with every pregnancy and they always turn out to be girls so I guess I'll assume it's a girl since I feel like it's a boy? Whoa that was confusing. Either way we haven't officially decided on any names yet. I really have my heart set on the boy name I've chosen but my girl name changes everyday. Who knows? And Lorenz might be taken off the naming committee because his suggestions are insane- I'm surely not naming my son Duke Leto Atreides. Surely not.

Speaking of Lorenz- HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY Today!!!
(not that you ever read this)
(Haha! On the swing at the Herb and Garden Faire)

In crafty news, I am working on a new little Lumpy project that involves some organic cotton and batiking
. Hopefully that will go well, I did all the dyeing yesterday, and today I'll do some wax removal and hopefully some sewing too. I hope these little guys turn out as cute as I envisioned them.
Also, if baby allows(and it better) I'll be heading to Philly to visit the Art Star Craft Bazaar and yet another pregnant pal there. If I feel ambitious Sunday morning maybe I'll whip up some vegan donuts for the prego vegan.
I'm hoping to be at the Bazaar early enough to score one of those free goody bags!
ok, that's all for now.
And make sure you stop by CAM on Saturday it should be really fun, I'm sure the rain will hold out!
Bye Bye!


Victoria said...

I was sure both of my babies were going to be boys also, and they of course were girls. (Either way I would of been thrilled!) I was so positive my second baby would be a boy, that when my midwife told me I had delivered a girl, I remember telling her to check again, I actually thought she had made a mistake!

See you at the CAM!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you on Saturday! Am so excited for your baby!!! Have fun at the Art Star pending your baby "lump" hehe.

Steph said...

See you tomorrow!

Linette said...

Keep up the good work.