Recycled Tomato Planter!

Well, I'm a serious sucker for infomercials, I rarely indulge but I often fester away coveting the most silly contraptions. This time I came very close indeed to purchasing one of these
upsidedown tomato planters. I resisted the urge an decided to try and make one using junk I had around the house. It took me a couple hours yesterday morning and the aid of this diagram
I also used the etsy plastic fabric making tutorial. I also made a bunch of modification to the original design. Then I put it all together into a nice little slide show for you! I hope someone else make one too. I planted two cherry tomato varieties and one plum variety. My planter ended up being a little smaller than the original planter, so I don't want it to get too heavy. I just planted them yesterday and already the leaves of the tomatoes have begun to grow upwards towards the light. I'm planting three other tomato plants in the ground nearby so we'll see if I really get more yield faster with the hanging planter as the commercial suggests. Please let me know if you make one too! I'll keep you updated on my tomato growth.
Have a nice day!


AK said...

These tomato planters are really very elegant. Thank-you for such detailed instructions. I have mine similarly planted in a five gallon bucket, but perhaps it doesn't need to be that big.

clawson said...

Buy picture 23 I realized that my mouth was hanging open in amazement and that I needed to close it. WOW! You are an amazing woman! I am truly inspired by your energy and creativity. I hope it is alright- I am going to post about you in my blog. My friends just have to see all that you do and create. The red dress your daughter so beautifully modeled is awe inspiring. Her spunky spirit absolutely sings through the photos- she and my youngest daughter might be bosom friends! I was actually introduced to you by At Your Cervix. Thank you so much for sharing your life.