sweet success

Well I've done it. I have made vegan donuts and now I feel I may be capable of just about anything. The sky's the limit. I pretty much followed the recipe from my last post, but I substituted egg-replacer powder for 2 eggs instead of the potato starch. It's mostly potato starch anyway. It was so fun! The tedious dough rising phase wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. The hardest part it trying to juggle between the donuts that are frying and the ones that are glazing or cooling. You've got to move quick and constantly be regulating the oil temperature. I was pretty pleased with my little operation. I wish I knew some more vegans to have over for a treat, because the recipe makes a ton. I cut the donuts using a smallish glass, so I ended up getting 34 instead of the 12 suggested by the recipe. The flavor is very good as is the texture. I don't think I've ever had such a fresh (mostly organic) donut! Here's some more photographic evidence:

I will probably make these again someday when it's a special occasion/ holiday/ family gathering.
Mmmmmm delicious!

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