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I haven't been doing much of anything lumpkin related lately, but the excitement is building for some new ideas to come. Frankly, I can't wait for Spring to arrive. I get into such a funk over the winter, but Spring will come as it always does and with it my seasonal boost. And this Spring I have the added bonus of crazy pregnancy productivity so I am expecting big things. For now I'm doing little things around the house and such. This morning I am attempting to make vegan doughnuts. I settled on this recipe . Hopefully it will work out. I don't do much frying in my life but I've had a hankerin' for dough lately. I'm sure it will be way more trouble than it was worth. The dough is rising as we speak. Here some other things I've been attempting.
This is the front view of a sweater I knit for the baby while I was couchbound. I know it's blue, you're probably thinking it must be a boy, but I never reveal the sex, I just prefer darker colors for girl and boy babies. I used a gorgeous skein of KnittyDirtyGirl yarn that I had previously attempted to use for a knit hood, but there wasn't enough. I had just enough yarn to make this little sweater though. I knit it freestyle, as usual, but i think I managed to write down a vague pattern for it as I went this time.
That's the back view. I've been experimented with these rolled edges and random holes lately. I really like the way the handspun looks. The rolled edge is done in my standard Patons wool that I use for the seamonster collars. I have a ton of ideas for those little holes and a bunch of experiments to try soon. I love the handspun so much that I tried my hand at the drop spindle which I've been trying to avoid for fear of failure. Extreme boredom while on bed rest allowed me to overcome the fear and I gave it a try.

I only had some random roving that I've collected for felting over the years, but I gave it a try. I know nothing about the different types of wool, but it was fun trying them all out and seeing what was easier and struggling with the more challenging ones. I've since spun all the other roving in the back, the green one is bamboo which was my favorite. It was really wispy and messy but it was so beautiful and I was able to adjust the thickness better. I think that it was pretty fun, but I will probably resort to purchasing most of my handspun if I end up making any sweaters for the shop. Well, I'm off to fry up some dough. I'll take some shots to share with you soon....

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