Scrappy Lump

Let me just tell you how excited I am about this little Lumpy I made. It is soooo sweet. It's made from scraps from the gnome t-shirts I finished earlier this week. I had all these little triangle scraps left over and I decided to sew them into a tiny patchwork piece. Before I knew it I had made the cutest little Lumpy known to man, and in the process I eliminated a ton of tiny scraps that would otherwise have gone into the landfill or polluted my life here at home. I shall call this my Scrappy Lumpkin. I have such an overabundance of scrap fabric I feel sure these will be showing up from time to time in the shop. The best part is that each one will have to be unique based on the fact that my scrap sizes vary greatly. I love this, because it means I won't have to bore myself making the same thing over and over again. I love coming up with new things, sometimes I just hate reproducing them endlessly. Anyway this little guy is only measures 3" tall and he comes with a tiny quilt/bed, pillow, and it all fits in a 4" snappy tote. Did I mention I'm in love with this?
I really made me feel good to make something new. Ahh, creative release:)
Otherwise, yesterday we lazed around the house. I'm still not driving yet, so it's made getting to the post office and pretty much anywhere a little bit impossible without some assistance. Oooh, we had this happy little lunch yesterday. Numbers & 'Chreese', garlic sesame tofu, fresh apple carrot juice. and 'Ants on a Log'. M2 prefers her's ant free, thanks.
It was VERY well recieved...

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