My Recycled Packaging

Well, I've been rather unproductive in the week since my last post. But I feel a need to distract myself with some blogging. So, I thought I'd just go ahead and show you my super easy way of making my own shipping packages. Here are some pics and a brief description of the steps.

STEP #1-
Cut a cereal box in half and fold each half into thirds
with a little overlap for the center seam.

STEP #2-

STEP #3-
That's it folks! Two little flat mailers out of one cereal box FOR FREE! And it's completely ecofriendly, actually I'm not so sure about the tape. Maybe use that brown papery packaging tape? Lots of my merchandise can fit into one of these little boxes. If you need a larger size- don't cut the cereal box in two, just make one cut and flip it around to make a large box.
It really takes no time at all. I actually enjoy making these little packs. I hope you give it a try! I have another HUGE eco-friendly announcement to make soon! Oooh a cliff-hanger...

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Elena said...

I like your idea of reusing boxes. Thanks for letting us know how to do it.