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Well, I've just discovered that Monday may not be the time to update the shop, because apparently everyone else is updating at that time too. Can someone write an ETSY manual for me. Not that it would make a difference anyway, I always seem to learn things the hard way. For example I listed the new Spider Monster Collar today around lunch, and I just check on it's status...page 26 in the children's section. Oh yeah, that's great. There are just so many children's items out there in EtsyLand.
I just love that Joker-faced grin!
In other news, the balcony of love is almost completely complete. Here's a shot of the progress. I still have some touch up painting to do and some areas near the top that I couldn't reach just yet. I re-purchased floor enamel yesterday after I made the mistake of buying my first batch from the home improvement store (very bad). I went to Sher Will, as I should have in the first place and got a custom purple for the floor. I'm so happy with it. Tomorrow I can start clearing out my sewing room so I'm not completely embarrassed when my Dad comes over to help me hang all of my accessories.

On the side you see from the yard the rungs are Sprout colored, to match the rest of the window trim paint of the house. But on the other side (from on the porch) the rungs are the orange color to match my new balcony stuff. I thought it was ingenious. Here's the balcony view...
and my magnificent purple floor...
So, that's about the size of the porch,
what you see is what you get.
And the next time YOU see it, it will be
fully furnished and finished.

Also in the works today is my prototype for the new display hangers I want to make for my clothing at craft shows. I got some coated wire that's fairly easy to bend, but sturdy enough for my tiny kids clothing. I'm bending them into a Lumpy shape. I'm either going to attach a little Lumpy face, OR I'll do the whole shebang... what's your vote?
They will be soooo cute, right?
Kinda linking the clothing line to the toy line...
The shape is very nice for holding my little dresses.

I might need another design for shirts since most sleeves wont fit over those ears(maybe just some assorted ear sizes). I think my new (soon to be debuted) pants will do nicely clothes-pinned to the bottom cross piece. The color is great because it matches my recycled-strapping bins that I make to display my goods at shows.
It's a win, win, win situation.
It was either this or buy some wooden kiddie hangers online...
and this is way more DIY.
Ok, I've neglected the kids long enough, time for dinner

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Panjo Kids said...

I love your stuff! Great hangers, it looks cool with the dress on it, too. I vote for with only the face. :-)