The Countdown Begins

Well, I just realized that the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh is only 4 WEEKS away! In my mind I've been imagining lots of new items to have made by then. Truly I have not been sooo unproductive in the past week. I have a few things in the works. Here are some sneak peeks:

A new knit sea monster item is almost complete and I must say I'm very excited about it. It takes a lot more time than my standard collar but it will surely be amazing. Well, I'm pretty sure...

WIP-do you see where I'm going with this though?

I'd like to make some more of these bike seat covers for girls
and boys. Oh, but there is a really exciting new element to these covers, you'll just have to wait until I officially debut them to find out the secret...

And lastly but not leastly,
I really want to get some of these made for the show. They are the cutest little dolls and they have all of their accessories right in a little tote. I'm thinking of offering FREE name embroidery while you wait, depending on how much help I have at the actual show. (Pittsburgh pals if you're listening, I'm taking volunteers for either day) I know I've promised these dolls before, but this time I really want them to be present. I've even been dreaming up display options for them. Now, you know that's serious!

It's clear that I have a ton of work ahead of me, and none of this includes my elaborate plan for the holiday remake of my actual booth display. I haven't actually sketched that out yet, but I think it may require a ton of time. So I will allot the last week of prep to booth modifications, and a week each for those aforementioned new additions. That will bring us up to the event itself.

Pittsburgh, PA
November 10 & 11 2007

And in the meantime please come out to Eastern Market in Lancaster, PA this Saturday from 9-2 for the best organic produce, food, and ARTISANS (including me) around!

I declare the upcoming week
"The Week of the Bike Seat Covers"
I'll keep you updated on my ongoing craft show preparation progress.
So stay tuned...

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