Who fell off the end of the earth?

(RimRock overlooking the Allegheny National Forest/ Reservoir)

Well, things have sure been busy around here....and there....and everywhere else we've been lately. We started our trip exactly 4 weeks ago tomorrow. That's the longest M1 and M2 have been away from home. First stop was Pittsburgh for a weekend and then off to Cleveland for a week and then back to the 'burgh for a couple of days, then off to camping in the Allegheny National Forest for a week, and then back to the Burgh, and then back to Cleveland for a week and then back to Pittsburgh for a week and now tomorrow we shall return to Cleveland for a minute before we embark on our weekend trip to Toledo. I don't really know where to start with recounting our adventures. We've taken tons of pictures and I guess I'll just start posting a couple of those everyday. I'll try to keep them in chronological order.
Let me begin with our first leg of the trip.
We participated in the I MADE IT sunday market in Pittsburgh on June 24th. Its was great event and I actually forgot my camera, but someone on their myspace posted this one.

Those are M1's legs sticking out. I felt this shot pretty much summed up Little Lumpkins. We had a ton of fun there. I'd love to try and do the next one, but I have another event to attend in Lancaster (eastern market) maybe something can be arranged. I always seem to want to be in three places at all times.

In other exciting Lumpkin news. This week I am the featured "Craftiest Bastard of the Week" for the Washington DC CityPaper. That's pretty exciting. They gave me a
color add in the print edition that hit stands yesterday.

I'm also really happy to announce that a selection of my Lumpknits will be for sale at
MY MY in Hatboro, PA. This week I shipped off two of the fantastic Seamonster Collars, one Petal Collar and a Rainbow Swirl Tube. I hope they like them!

Well, now it's time to read some more Harry Potter to the M's. We just started on the first book. M2 isn't really following it, but M1 is completely enthralled. All this hype about the last book got me really excited about Harry's adventures again. Ok, we're off to Hogwarts.
See you Monday when we're back from Toledo!

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