Father's Day

This weekend I took a nice break from being the crazy scattered lady I had become in the last few weeks. Yesterday my cousin and I went to Philly for the day and I finally went into Art Star which was quite lovely. We also went to South St. and strangely enough ran into my little bro and his girlfriend. That was real weird. I got a new dress which I'll be sporting next weekend in the 'Burgh.
So anyway, today I realized it was Father's Day so I called up dad to wish him well and invited him and mom to see if they wanted to accompany us on a hike to Tucquan Glen which was Kurt's favorite place. It was really nice because the weather was beautiful and the glen is always shady and moist and actually got off my ass and did something that didn't require yarns or needles or fiberous matter of any sort. But best off all we got to soak in the Kurt all around us. There are very few places that can send Kurt back to me like that place. The mossy carpet. The little spot where he'd hide his shoes at the begining of the trail so he could go it bare foot. Flipping over rocks looking for salamanders. Swimming and snacking by the big rock. We did it all today and it was good. I got to talk about Kurt and tell both of his girls all of the great stories I could think of. They were really young when he died (M1 was 5 and M2 was only 9 months old) so they enjoy the stories and memories. I do too. It takes forever to get there so i don't go often... probably twice a year, but it's always worth it when we go. 3 years ago w/ M1

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