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We're back in Cleveland from the Toledo trip this weekend. It was real great. Ohio never disappoints, am I right? Anyways we spent a lovely day at a super friends home in the suburbs. She has four dogs and four cats and a huge pond and her property is right up next to the Maumee river. Beautiful weather. We spent the days chatting on the deck and I cranked out three knit collars for my inventory stash. I guess this weekend was kinda a family reunion for my friend that we are staying with in Cleveland. This reunion was German? side. A couple of weeks ago we met her Taiwanese side. It is interesting that both side seem to have a habit of caging children. I'm kidding. Both sides do have a ton of pets and huge animal cages and my girls are drawn to cages I guess, because I have a ton of photos of them playing in the animal cages. Odd? Perhaps.
Blueberry Lumpkin Paperdoll T- Girls Size Large OOAK!
available soon at
This paper doll T-shirt and my first Maezy dress are going up in the etsy shop very shortly, as soon as I can figure out how to edit pics on my pals computer. A little side note on the dresses. I have six different varieties of this design available at this point. All different sizes and color combos. I recommend hand-washing any heirloom dress, however, I'm not usually so fussy with the laundry and let me just say that I have been experimenting on M1 and M2's dresses for the last month, and they have held up well with multiple trips through the washer and dryer. I'm real pleased with the dresses.
I feel very proud of my products and I have a lots of confidence in the quality and construction of each piece. But, I'm really get frustrated with figuring out how to run my own business on top of all the designing and making. Is this impossible? Do I need a business degree or something? I don't know, I guess some days it just seems a little overwhelming. Am I alone on this one?
Can I get an amen...

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