Go Plant A Tree etc.

me and the Man

Well this weekend we made a return visit to the Lumpkin City- Lancaster, PA. We didn't stay long, just enough time to see the overgrown garden and some of our favorite friends and family. I did some clean up on the Vanagon, which was a little strange, because it's like the last place that has been untouched since Kurt's death. I got a little sad for a minute, and then I realized how gross and messy it was and the clean up commenced. It turned out to be pretty fun. The Man is pretty excited to fix it up and get it running and I'm so happy to help out on that. I think we both have so many seperate fond memories of the camper, it will be nice to make some together fond memories.

The main reason for our homecoming this weekend was a tree planting in honor of our late Nanny Nan celebrating the one year anniversary of her new existence. It was nice to have some of the family together and although the day started out gloomy and rainy-- the sun sure shone when Papa Lou announced the engagement of Dar and Tiny Rob

T-Rob and Pop Lou- transaction complete ...
and that's a happy Dar!

Lastly, I'd like to give proper photo cred to M1. All photos taken by my little M1(except the WV shot- no kids allowed in the scary garage) Nice job kiddo!

M1 self portrait


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