LOTR- Update

(Edgar the fat cat not included)

No, there's no breaking news from the Shire, but there are some exciting happenings regarding my little LOTR (aka Lumpkin On The Run) case. I mentioned it in one of my first blogs, and it arrived at my door this weekend in multiple pieces care of big-bro-Lo. The case itself is made out of particle board and heavy cardboard, made sturdier with a metal frame. All of this was put together with little metal rivets. To get it to it's current state he had lots of work to do. All of the rivets and the metal frame had to be removed. The hardware was then polished and buffed, see that shine? The original covering over the outside of the case was vinyl, but I want to use fabric to cover my case, so I bought some of this iron-on vinyl to coat the fabric of my choosing before covering the case. I got the Lustre finish, because that's all they had at the Joann's I went to, but perhaps I should hold out for the matte finish. Hmm? I'll have to do a test. Little shiny suitcase? I'm not so sure about that. I also have to design the best way to customize the inside of the case. I'll add pockets and tabs and this and that to make it really special. I hope to keep the little gabby girl from the original vinyl on the case, but add a little lumpkin element to that side. More to come...

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