Lumpkin on the run

I've had this cute little vintage suitcase that Alicia at Mommalicious on Queen St. here in Lancaster, gave me a great deal on. That was months ago. I intended to transform it into the most lovely little traveling sales case the world has ever seen. Well, today marks day one of the transformation. I took some before shots and i am about to start dismantling the loose pieces of paper. It is very old and the metal parts that hold it together are still in working order, as is the basic body. Its made out of a heavy cardboard type of material that's covered with some kind of vinyl-ish wallpapery stuff. the little girl on the front is very sweet so I'm going to try and incorporate her into the design. I'd like to cover it with fabric, but I'll see how it goes. First, for some demo work. Assistant, my sledge hammer please...

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