Go East, Young Market Goers

This weekend I was a vendor at the Eastern Market on King St. and it was very fun. I didn't sell a single thing mind you, but it was really fun nonetheless. I chose to believe that that's because not many people seem to know about the Market yet. I did manage to get some nice shots of my booth finally. I can't really complain because I never went to the market last year. So, allow me to take this opportunity to praise the wonder and glory that IS the EASTERN MARKET. I actually love the concept of the market and the atmosphere they've created there. Little cafe tables, music, veggies...it's great great great. The only thing missing is...YOU! Go check out the market people, because if you don't use it you'll lose it. Things like that can't survive without the communities support. I promise you won't be disappointed if you give it a try. So if your market day happens to fall on a Saturday, skip the Central Market and head East to the Eastern Market, cause that other market has Tuesdays and Fridays right?
Also I want to unveil my new sketch for the first piece from the Lumpkin Clothing line tentatively called "Mabbles & Maezy". This design is called the "Maezy" dress. I've actually finished the bulk of the work for the prototype and the last few details should be completed by tomorrow. I love this dress. I'm so proud of the fit and the style and everything about it. Tomorrow I'll take a shot of the finished product for show and tell...

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