Ladies and Gentlemen...

It is my pleasure to introduce to you...
The "Maezy" Dress.
OK, let me start out with a description of all the work that went into this little number.
1. One piece knit bodice with only two small side seams, to avoid bulk.
Contrasting crocheted neck and arm holes.
2. Then the beautiful pleated skirt in Alexander Henry's "dalarna stripe".
3. Add matching hand crocheted ruffle in an an open scallop.
4. Throw in 2 vintage fabric covered pale yellow buttons.
5. Finish it off with a tiny patch pocket hand knit in matching red and blue featuring one stitched little lumpkin cameo.
(Please forgive the ghostlike grainy photos,
I wanted to take some pictures quick before it got dark. Better pictures to come)

The entire dress is 100% cotton right down to the thread. All of the seams are either enclosed or serged to prevent fraying. This is truly an heirloom dress, but it would best be enjoyed by a grubby little barefoot frolicker.

My very favorite part of the dress are:
1. the little braided tassels under the arms made from the stray ends of the knit bodice. I debated putting them on the inside of the dress, but they were so lovely...
I left them out for all to see.
2. This little patch pocket. It was originally just going to be a patch but then I decided to make it a little pocket because kids love a little spot for hiding treasures.

Well, what do you think? I'm very proud of it. I have bodices ready for 8 more dresses in an assortment of sizes and colors. It will probably take me all weekend to finish with them and hopefully they will debut in the shop by Monday.

In related news I've be trying to decide on a name for this little clothing line. I thought it would be nice to call it

Mabbles & Maezy
sweet Lumpkin duds

(as a tribute to my two little M's)
but now I'm thinking that that might be too limiting and it wouldn't leave any room for little boy clothing, which I plan to do at some point. So maybe I just call it all
"sweet Lumpkin duds", or perhaps come up with something else all together for the future boys line. I never imagined that I'd just be making toys and clothing for little girls, but having only two little girls has put me into dressy faerie mode, and we're not even the girliest of girls.

OK. that's all for now.
Pretty soon I'm going to do some 'show and tell' about how
I transformed my tiny little lawn into the crazy urban garden it is today
so stay tuned... hey! who changed the font around here?

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I am Jen said...

How cute that dress is! Love it!