I Made It ! (2 the 'burgh)

Well, I still have yet to list anything on Etsy this week, but I'm thinking maybe I'll put it off until next week. I have this weekend in Virginia coming up and the house is still a mess. First things first, right? But, in exciting Lumpkin news, I will be hawking my wares at the second I MADE IT -Sunday Market in Pittsburgh. I was at the first one, and it was very nice and I'm looking forward to a lovely day. I will hopefully be recruiting one Chesty McFlawless to act as official "Craft Sidekick" for the event. She'll bring her hook and I'll bring the needles and together we will successfully avoid eye contact with all of the prospective customers. I'm kidding! (mostly). I'm sorry! but I really find it unnerving to have to "sell" my products. It's so hard to watch people critiquing the things you've spent so long working on. The people seemed really nice, so i think it should be a super fun day.
(here McFlawless poses as Lumpkin Mascot)