This (wonderful) Weekend

First of all, this weekend I proudly accomplished my first real vending stint at the Punk Rock Flea Market. And while people weren't really into buying handmade toys at a bargain-hunting venue, it was soooooo fun. The people were really nice and it was PACKED to the rafters, literally. You could barely walk in there. If there had been a fire we would have all been toast. I was so happy that my set-up went smoothly and people really liked my stuff. And i did it all by myself. I'm sorry, but i am so proud of that. Here's photographic evidence of the flea market's sardine-like quality.

I didn't take any shots of my booth because I forgot my camera, but here's a general sketch of the layout. (mostly for my own reference, so i don't drive myself crazy trying to remember how that metal shelving is configured)

So then onto my lovely Mother's Day, first my oldest (M1) presented me with this lovely little necklace and card she made. Isn't it pretty? And she's only 7. I actually borrowed a piece of her handmade jewelry the other day, so i was very pleased to receive one for my very own. AND my youngest (M2) actually didn't scream too much yesterday, which I considered to be a most precious gift to mama.

Then we went to Dosie Dough for some bagels and coffee and walked downtown to The Pottery Works and glazed some little trinkets. Then we had a BBQ at brother Sean's and after the girls were all tucked in for the night I got to spend some quality-time with my new yarn purchase from Rachel-Marie . http://www.knittydirtygirl.com
(i glazed another little Lumpy demitasse like that one yesterday- my trinket of choice)

I was so happy to wind it and see how it knits up. I'm hoping that my freestyle knitting skills will allow me to produce something along these lines, for the fall. A big pointy hood.

Yep, barring some awful sleep difficulties, it was a mostly perfect weekend. This week before we leave for our Virginia trip, I am going to seriously try to tackle my fear of listing items on ETSY. Oh, it's not so bad. Just takes a little time to get the hang of it. But for now, i must continue my day long search for the missing car keys. Hmmm where could they be...