Wear Your Toys!

Well I've begun to conquer my fear of etsy-listing. Today I listed a new item and it's my goal to list at least one new item everyday for the rest of May. After that I hope to list things at least once a week. I have a huge stock pile of things to list right now. I just have to photograph everything and get it all ready to go. Today's new item is one of the new Paper doll T's featuring Miss. Blue Berry Lumpkin. I made four of these paperdoll T's and there are lots of steps involved. I really love them though. Each one is a little different because I used the highest quality thrifted t's. The one I listed today is key lime size medium. That's M2 modeling for me. She's 3 years old and it was a little big for her. I'm very excited about the new clothing I've made. both of my M's want all of the shirts for themselves, but I'll be making them some special paperdoll shirts of their choice for the summer. I may even make myself one, I love them so much. I'd love to make a custom kid one. Wouldn't that be sooo fun to walk around changing your clothing in paperdoll form across your T-shirt? Maybe I'm looney, but that sounds prrrretty good to me.

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