Easter and such

We had a nice Easter week off of school. The gals and I went back to Lancaster for the week and M1 got to visit her old school for a day. She loves those people so much and they love her too.

old friends in tiny chairs

We had our Easter/Spring fun on Saturday instead of Sunday since we were coming back to Pittsburgh on Sunday. It was a really nice holiday. Lots of family and fun. The girls hunted for eggs at the Liederkranz and then we had a huge dinner at Grandma and Pop pop's complete with 3 birthday cakes for all of the March/April birthdays. It was hilarious singing HaPpY BiRtHdAy so many times.

hunting with the birthday boy- Papa Louis

Nobody parked in the driveway so the kids hat lots of space for bikes, boards and a little chalking.

daddy terrifies my just a little

We had a lots of fun but it's good to be home. I'll be sewing/knitting/drawing up a storm for the next month in preparation for this year's Art Star Craft Bazaar held May 15-16 at Penn's Landing in Philly. That's right- you heard me- Art Star.
I FINALLY got in after applying for a million years. Therefore I feel especially obliged to make it worth their while. I'll be making a bunch of new items and updated a few old ones. I'm also working on revamping my tags and packaging and snazzing up the display a bit. Cohesive lumpkin branding- let's say it together now- Co-he-sive. Pretty exciting! I'll post on my progress later on this week.
Until then it's back to the lumpkin factory... Suh!


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ooo art star eh!? nice!

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