Think Local First

It's sure taken me long enough to announce my news but you know what- this time of year is CRAZY, am I right? So here it is-
(the Lumpys got a redesign just in time for the event-
They are now made completely from reused cottons and wools.
and I made cute little LOCAL banners just for SSBN event)

This year I'm proud to announce that my Lumpkins have again been chosen as the mascot for the SSBN's Think Local First campaign in Lancaster and York, PA. This year the event is HUGE! I made 80 Lumpys (that was insane) for the SSBN, which are now hiding in stores all around Lancaster and York. From November 27th- December 18th shoppers can buy a passport and button for the event.

(I got my passport at Dogstar Books on Chestnut St. in Lancaster and I saved $ on my book purchase!)

The passport gives people discounts at all of the participating businesses. When you find 25 Lumpkins hidden in the stores you are entered in an amazing raffle just in time for the Holidays. I'm really proud of this event and I love the passports so much. I had an opportunity to visit some of the stores and hunt for my Lumpkins over Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to heading back out this weekend while I'm in town for winter fair at SWS. Think Local First is so important for the holidays. I mean come on--don't you just find the mall so unappealing these days? So head Downtown or to your local Mainstreet this Holiday season and keep your money in your community!

OOooh Look here are the Lumpkins on TV!!


Julia Posey said...

What a cool event. Congrats on your Lumpkins serving as ambassador.

The Tiny Homestead said...

that's so cool. what a great accomplishment for you and for the buy local movement.