Garden 2009

Just a quick post between packing and losing my mind. Here is the beautiful garden I'll be leaving behind in exchange for some ratty perennials , a measly carport and a BBQ joint constantly wafting smoke two doors down. I'm not bitter. I know it makes no sense to plant a garden when you aren't planning on being here for the harvest, but I love the garden so what am I to do?
Hopefully I'll be knee deep in an urban rooftop gardening oasis by this time next year;)

Moving update- estimated time of departure is set for July 11th!
Maybe we'll have a chance to taste some of these lovely veggies before we go.


The Tiny Homestead said...

Lovely garden- I'm sure you'll get to fully enjoy the strawberries at least.

So sorry about the bbq place :( That was certainly never anticipated! I can only hope they don't stay in business too long.

Don't hate on the car port, that thing is awesome.

Anonymous said...

aw... i'm moving august 1st and i planted a veggie garden too :)