Mama's Day Weekend

It was a pretty nice Mother's Day Weekend.
On Saturday I took the girls for a little Mama time at the Herb and Garden Fair at Landis Valley Farm. We bought some tomatoes to plant in our back yard here in Lancaster even though we probably won't be here to see them harvested. (My brother better do some canning for me when he moves into this place!)
The weather at the farm was perfect

Yesterday we went to my parents for a huge lunch cooked by my brother. I was pleased to see that everything was vegan except the meat. That was so nice of him.

For my mother's day gift M1 and M2 made beautiful cards and planted me a flower and uD bought me Indian take-out from Taj, mmmmm:) I also got some lovely plants from my mom and my father-in-law.

For my mom...
I made these dresses/shirt for my girls to wear on Mother's Day. I used an old skirt of my mom's from when she was at her biggest weight. She's has worked so hard this past year to get healthy and lost tons of weight. She is a crazy workout queen and I swear she eats more veggies than I do. She's dropped something like 6 sizes!?! It's been very inspirational for me to start exercising again so I can be as strong as her someday.

I also made a little souvenir for her to keep from the old skirt, complete with the old size label as a reminder of how far she's come. I used this bird pattern which was so easy it's ridiculous.

Getting the girls to pose for a nice picture for Grandma in their new dresses was the hard part...
Happy Mother's Day !

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sarasophia said...

What a novel idea! I am sure your Mom appreciated that so much! My Mother is on the same weight loss journey now with about fifty lbs to go before she reaches her goal.

Perhaps I should perform the same trick for her?

Thanks for the inspiration:)

<3 sarasophia