To Do List, Business Cards, First Snow

This time of year I find myself to be a very conflicted person. On the one hand I'm very excited about having a happy holiday season and preparing for all the fun, and making presents and decorating. On the other hand, as a maker of children's goods I know that this is the most important time of the year for my business, so I feel I should be knitting, sewing, creating my fingers to the bone before I miss it. This year I can't have it both ways. So instead of making my family miserable while I pollute the house with fiber shavings and push the limits of child neglect, I've decided not to put too much pressure on myself to load up the Etsy shop as I someday dream it will be for the Holidays. I know that all sounds very vague. What exactly constitutes "too much pressure'"? Who knows? I'm just going to try not to freak out about business. Instead I'll be freaking out about the state of my house.

So here's the Holiday To Do:
1. Make some new stockings for the kids
2. Make an advent calender
3. Finish gifts for the Stocking Stuffer Swap
4. PLEASE finish setting up the playroom!
5. Decorate the house
6. Throw M1 a proper birthday party

[side note I just happened to look at the clock and it was 11:11:11 am, whoa]
Back to what I was saying before- Part of the reason I'm not too upset about missing out on prime business opportunities this Gift Giving Season is that I've been doing some serious work on the Lumpkin brand and. This week I designed a new logo and business card with my own lettering and everything. I've also been researching all of my favorite Etsy shop's policies. I'm trying to come up with a good clear brand that expresses what I'm trying to do with this business. I sent a brand new design of my very first recycled business cards off to the printers! I ordered them from Green Printer they were having a special. I did my last order through Overnight Prints and they were great cards, but cards are a huge reflection of my business practices and so how can I print them on new paper stock(wow that sounded pretty high/mighty huh?)? It was really important for me to go "green" on this now. It did cost a bit more and I expect the paper quality might not be as indestructible as my old cards. In addition, uploading my file to the Green Printer website wasn't quite as user friendly for me because my images required crop marks so I had to figure out all of that (ok, Lorenz did that). I'll let you know how the cards turn out.

All of this BRAND work has made me feel really good about my business. I guess I've always known that I'd have to completely define my brand before I could truly be happy with my end products. Babble babble babble.

One more thing,
we woke up to snow this morning...
house temp. 59'F burrrrr


Jessica said...

oh i am jealous! I am waiting for snow here in mass.

Maggie said...

I'm not jealous of the snow yet. I'm sure that we'll get our share here in CT. I do have some of the same feelings about my etsy shop. It's difficult to balance what I want to do for my family and what I want to do for my shop. I just don't have enough time! And we don't have a baby!