Local Lumpkin Look See

(click the picture to zoom in-I'm really proud of these cards
even though they took me soooo long to make )

Think Local First Week starts in 9 days.
As a way to try and encourage people to Shop Local this holiday season, the Susquehanna Sustainable Business network and twelve businesses in downtown Lancaster are hosting a Lumpkin Hunt! For $2.00 you can buy a Button and Official Punchcard for the hunt. The button gets you tons of discounts to even more local shops. When you find the Lumpkin in the shop, you can get your card punched! After you fill your card with punches, you're entered in to a raffle for a great Local gift pack! The buttons are on sale at these twelve businesses;

Building Character, 342 N. Queen Street
Isaacs Downtown, 25 N. Queen Street
j.a. sharp, 322 N. Queen Street
Dosie Dough, 323 W. Lemon Street
Mommalicious & Smilin’ Gal, 310 Queen Street
Wish You Were Here, 108 W. Orange Street
The Starvin’ Artist Café, 106 W. Orange Street
Eastern Market, 308 E. King Street
Patio at Penn Stone, 190 W. Ross Street
Peachy Green, 25 W. Grant Street:
Radiance, 9 W. Grant Street
Chestnut Hill Café, 532 W. Chestnut

so go out and get one for yourself and join in the fun of buying local for the holidays. I can't wait to take the kids out Lumpkin hunting! I hope you will too.


Cheilita said...

very cool! and thanks so much for the cat sitting and the cat coaster. you're too funny :)

leah said...

wish i were closer. sounds like a blast!