Halloween Eve

Well, I'd like to say that I've been busy working on Lumpkin related stuff in the past couple of weeks, but I have not. We had a happy happy Halloween weekend with lots of visitors from out of town this weekend. We ate at the Catacombs on Saturday night and it was very dark and spooky. Then we went to see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D.
The girls were so happy and surprised.
We had lots of spooky fun. It's finally chilly out, actually it's downright cold. I don't usually advocate wasting water taking showers to regulate your body temp(LIAN!), but this morning a scorching shower may in fact be the only thing able to prying me out of my jammies.

On another note, just because I haven't been working on the Lumpkin items I said I'd be working on doesn't mean, I haven't been working on other Lumpkin stuff. Usually when I designate a goal for myself it somehow translates in my brain into an obligation and then it's just no fun, and I feel slightly uninspired. So, I've been working on some other ideas, that I won't mention lest I spoil those too.

Moving on, I got me an ole' knuckle buster and signed up for a Propay account this morning which means... I NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS AT SHOWS!!! Can you tell I'm excited about that? I really am.
In other news I'd like to announce that a selection of Little Lumpkins magnetic paper dolls, knits and T shirts will be available at this years CRAFTLAND in Providence RI. If you are in the neighborhood or somewhere along the eastern seaboard please stop by and peruse the handcrafted goodness at this one of a kind holiday shop.
Well, I have taken inventory of all of my sewing supplies this morning and I just finished extracting a piece of foam from M2's nasal cavity(?), so I think I'm ready to buckle down and get some work done. More excitement on the horizon. Trust me, things are about to get very, very exciting around here.

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