Mix and Match

I make these little Faerie Paper Dolls which I personally think are very sweet. Up until now, I've only offered the dolls with the outfits that they were originally designed with. But as of today all of the dolls and clothing can be purchased in the shop seperately. This allows you to have what ever you want. Plus, sometimes you just want extra clothing for your doll, or maybe you want another friend to share clothing with. The possibilities are endless with the new Mix and Match option (this is starting to sound like a Lottery advertisement). I've only listed one of the clothing sets so far, because ETSY has evidently gone haywire. No need to panic I'm sure. I will also list the mother of all clothing sets. Three sets all on one sheet, for only $20! Now that's a bargain.
In other news, this weekend we are hosting a bunch of our favorite friends from out of town, here at the house. It is going to be such fun. Even though M2 has infected me with some sort of cold, I'm currently overdosing on vitamin C and will surely overcome this minor set back. My favorite friend of them all is coming and with him he brings the shards of my little Lumpkin Traveling Sales Case that I mentioned last month. He did all of the dismantling and now I get to do the fun part. Customizing! I have to get it finished before the end of June when we depart for our trip to Cleveland. I want to have it all packed with my wares , so I can always be prepared in case I happen upon a little toy or gift shop out Ohio way. I once made a little traveling sales case for my cousin who designs jewelry. She really liked it. I just think it's so nice to actually have samples of your work, rather than just business cards. Well, back to cleaning. This house is in no shape for visitors. yikes...

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