Well, I've officially got 20 items in the "sold" bin and 20 in the "for sale". I'm not attached to those numbers though, feel free to help me make it 21/19 or better yet, 40/0. I'm not picky.

Memorial day weekend was pretty uneventful unless you count Pirate Night Friday.

(the smiliest pirates in town)

Cut Throat Karen and I went out for our second annual night of Pillaging and Plundering in honor of the third Pirates movie. We actually did pillage our dinner from friend's homes this year. We arrived unannounced at two of Karen's friends houses and demanded food. In truth, the plundering became increasingly polite as the night went on. We weren't so much demanding as we were... accepting of a slightly coerced invitation. Which actually is no less rude, and thus our night was a success! The movie was good. Nothing like the first one, but that's pretty darn untouchable.
(Seamonster tube SOLD- orders welcome!)

In shop news-- I've been adding a bunch of knits to the Lumpkin Shop. I just sold the first ont this morning. I have tons more to add this week including zillions of wee little fingerless mitts Lumpkinits or maybe Lumpknits. Whatever they are there are very cute. Oh and I have these lovely little hoods too, but I think I'll wait to debut them until late summer.
Ohhh, the suspense!

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