A little Quiet time

Is the weekend over yet? I'm dealing with some very irritable little people here lately. I'm not sure if it's the weather changing or the end-of-school-year-restlessness, or maybe I just miss having a babysitter for these little monsters once in awhile. Whatever it is- I am going insane.

My favorite time of day is bedtime lately- unfortunately now one of my kids (ahem, M2) is an insomniac? So, she's sleeping upstairs in our room with us and the other kid who is literally draining the life out of me one swig of milk at a time.

The later the kids get to bed- and believe me it's impossible to get them to bed lately between the insomnia and that pesky sunset- the later I have to push MY bedtime back. That makes for a cranky mama.

So in the late night hours I sewed my frock. That was fun. I took the opportunity to try out ways to use my serger in the construction of a garment. Very professional looking, I must say. I tried and failed once again to use my buttonhole foot- unsuccessfully as ever. So I opted for some temporary sew-on snaps until I figure that out. I also decided to just gather the entire front of the bodice at the yoke instead of the pleats the pattern called for- since I chose a plaid with such obvious lines. The gathers also do a better job of disguising what I like to call my "modern mama one-sided nursing"- meaning the fact that I only nurse from the left side anymore because I need my right hand to do other things- so yeah, that's a little odd looking. Anyway, here it is- oh yeah I went with a shorter tunic length too.

As you can see I chose to do a contrasting yoke too. I like the little sleeve flap folded rather than not. All the fabrics were vintage scores from the Salvation Army Sale last month. I like the was it turned out. And most of all it way really fun following a pattern again and stretching my brain a little to figure out what was going on with the instructions. I will definitely do it again in the future and YOU should too!

Well, someone is yelling at me about flip-flops right now so I guess my quiet time has expired. I'll just leave you with this happy shot of the birthday boy from yesterday. If you ever tell him you saw this picture here, there or anywhere for that matter- it will surely mean the end of both YOU and I- so bite you're tongue!

I sometimes wish I hadn't grown up thinking he was sooo cool. But alas, I did. Even in a pink birthday crown.
Aw man, cracks me up!