Art Star Recap

Well we are just about recovered from the events of the past few weeks (the prepartions, the traveling, the show). Aside from the insane wind on the first day, the weather was amazing last weekend. I was really happy with my booth by about 4:30 on Sunday when I finally had everything set up the way I wanted it. You'd have to ask my SIL to be sure but I think I was asleep for the entire first day. I sort of let her communicate with the customers as well as recieve any complements that rolled in. Sometimes it's hard for me to do that stuff especially if I haven't slept well in a week. Mostly a lot of sloppy silly sentences would have spewed out of me if I had opened my mouth on that first day.

After the show was over we had tons of great food on both days. Saturday we stopped for chinese food- which is something we have given up on lately because Lancaster/Pittsburgh have really bad vegetarian options. But China town is awesome. We ate at Singapore Vegetarian and I can't wait to go back there again when we are in Philly this July. Yum! I got the Pepper "Steak" and it was so good. On Sunday we stopped at Govinda's on our way out of town for the "Chicken Cheese Steak". Also very tasty, although I probably could have eaten five of them-
I was hungry Ok? Long weekend.

The biggest let down of the weekend was not being able to put up the whole display the way I had imagined it. It was just too windy to have the wall of my tent up, so i couldn't put up my cute little sweater gallery display that I was planning. Someday

I'll have that all up and running to show you.
The best part of the weekend was meandering around the bazaar with my little M2. She was having a meltdown extraordinaire so I took her for a little walk. We got to see all the other vendors and pick out all of our favorite treasures. She was so nice to spend time with once she calmed down a little from all the excitement of the trip.

For most of the time Whatshisface took the kids around to see all the sights of the city like the Liberty Bell, Old City, Museums. He even got C3 a little Betsy Ross hat so she wouldn't burn in the bright sunlight.

C3 Snuggling with her new Tigerflight squirrel "Sophie"

We made some purchases. M1 and C3 got some sweet new plushies from Tigerflight.
M1 with her new owl.

M2 got a little Timmy the tadpole from So Softies complete with his own sweater. Of course M2 then proceeded to ransack my inventory and dress Timmy up in one of my Dolly Seamonster Hoods. Evidently I now make Timmy the Tadpole gear knockoffs?

Timmy the Tadpole in his octopus costume.
And of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a surprise visit from my parents. M2 was especially happy for some quality Popop time.

M2 with Popop behind the booth overlooking the Delaware River

Many thanks to all our friends and family who came to support us this weekend
. And of course thanks to all the wonderful Philly customers. We had a really great time.

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