Well I'm just about ready to start back to blogging again. The house is almost completely moved into. However there is just one huge room holding us back from total contentment here in Pittsburgh. But more on that nightmare later. For now let's share some Halloween fun. I have really been enjoying reading everyones Halloween posts and I love the creativity of all the costumes out there especially the handmade ones ;) So here are this years costumes:

the littlest was a billy goat:

the older two went with a Wizard of Oz theme:

We really had fun decorating the house for our first official holiday here...

And for day of the dead we honored our loved ones with potato soup (for Kurt) and homemade peanut butter cups (for Nanny Nan). The girls made sugar skulls at the children's museum and we saw a shadow puppet play performed by a wonderful Spanish immersion school for the occasion.

The girls enjoyed serving up the dishes on our altar. I like Day of the Dead so much because it's not celebrating the day your loved one was born or the day when they died it's celebrating their life and their memory. It's a great excuse to take a sweet melancholy trip down memory lane.

All in all I'd say it was a nice weekend. I hope yours was too.
See you soon!


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