Oh my goodness. My heart is actually racing I'm so excited. (Does that make me a weirdo fiber fiend?) SPOONFLOWER has finally included organic cotton as one of their options for custom fabric printing! Finally I will have the opportunity to use this incredible service! So what's been the hold up? Well, I've been on a self imposed hunger strike from buying new fabrics. Since September 12th 2007 (yes I know the date, it's been really hard OK?) Which means I haven't been able to partake in beautiful patterns like these from this gal, this guy, or this guy.
My fabric fast started out as a year long experiment but once my year was up I decided to make it a way of life. I now buy only vintage, re/upcycled, and if I buy any new fabric it must be organic or sustainable. Which basically means I've been scrounging around and living off my mountainous fabric stash that was accumulated in the pre-September 2007 days (also known as the Age of Decadence). Read this previous post to find out more about my decision to take a more sustainable route for my business and everyday life. And here's a good article about why fabric can be so damaging to the environment.

I really have no time to be doing any Lumpkin stuff right now ( shouldn't even be doing this, Shh!), but you can be sure I will be printing up a fabric design sometime this weekend. I can't put this on hold any longer whether my house is a wreck from the impending move or not. I've just been waiting too long for this! So look out for some new Lumpkin printed fabric to be incorporated into my Fall designs this year. And who knows, maybe I'll even start offering some Lumpkin supplies soon. I won't go over board though- I 'm still very committed to recycling fabric and keeping some of the worlds existing fabric out of the landfill. But there is something very appealing about creating the exact fabric you need for a project. Something with your name on it. And now their is an organic cotton option to do it. I love it! And FYI -all I want for Christmas, Mothers Day, birthdays, everyday is Spoonflower gift certificates. Consider it my permanent gift registry for life.
I'm really too excited about this huh?

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Kim said...

Kim from Spoonflower here. Thanks so much for your kind words! As a lover of the thrift shop fabric score, I hear you about sewing with up-cycled and sustainable fabric options. Unfortunately, though, I can't say I have your self-discipline when it comes to refraining from Joel Dewberry...!