Sickies and Such

Like almost everyone else I know, we've been a sick bunch here in Lumpkin Land. We've got the drippiest noses in town. The littlest Lump got it the worst. She spent most of last week bundled in the sling. Then she lost her voice and I practically broke my back carrying her everywhere. It doesn't get much more pitiful.
Aside from the illness, I got my camera cord back!!!!! Which means I've been a photo fool and I'll have so many things ready to list in my shop update TOMORROW! I have a bunch of sweaters that need to be listed including a brand new one in bamboo that reminds me of tulips. I also have a ton of balaclavas that should be listed if they want to get some use this winter.

In other knitting news, I've knitting up some tiny clothing for the dolls that I've been dreaming of in my head. I've only worked on the pattern for the bodies once- a couple of months ago. But the heads I've had knit up for the better part of a year and now I'm busy making clothing for bodyless dolls. I even know exactly how the faces will be embroidered- it's just the darn body construction that has me wondering. It's still a mystery, but I'm getting closer.
Her head is a knittydirtygirl sample batt that I spun up. The heads came out of wanting to find a use for the little leftovers of the fancy handspun yarns I use for my sweaters.

Today was a button making day. I have some bamboo that I dyed back when I did the last batch of batiks and I'm now in the slow process of spinning (very sloooow process). So I thought I'd make some buttons to match. I really like this funky pansyish set.
But my favorite ones are on the tulip sweater;) I made some extras to just sell as supplies (we'll see how that goes). Getting out the clay was fun but it means that we are living like slobs today. It's one of the pitfalls of working at home. Some days I'm very productive at making Lumpkin stuff but the house is wrecked by the end of the day. I'm sure some people manage to have it both ways but lets just say that those buttons are the only pretty things I have to show for today.

I have a couple games of tag to catch up on but I'll have to get to that next time...


sarasophia said...

Oh MY! What a poor sick little lump.
My own tiny nubbins have spent the better part of two weeks sick themselves, the smallest riding in a sling nearly every hour of every day too.

You have my complete understanding and sympathy.

And shared backache: (

Julie said...

Poor baby. Mine have been in and out of the sickies all winter.
I love your buttons and can't wait to see the dolls. That miniture sweater is perfect!

leah said...

i can't wait to see those dolls! you have been busy.

the cold has worked it's way through our family too. i was the last one but i think (knock wood) we are in the clear now.